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About Us

In 2002, a small number of brothers and sisters began an intensive reexamination of the Holy Scriptures, as they had been taught by a nameless, but more established Bible Study class. During this exploration we found biblical truths which were rejected or not promoted at our former meetings. As we continued to search, our studies would serve to satisfy our desire to better understand God’s perfect will for mankind. After several years of being rejected for attempting to respectfully reason the bible and even share our studies, we were eventually led to branch out and begin our own bible study class. On a quest to continue to find and promote Biblical truth as done by the Holy Prophets and Apostles, in 2002 we officially formed the Congregation of Israel, the Knesset of Jesus.

As we continued to diligently search, pray and study the scriptures, we came to an understanding that God’s Holy Commandments, outlined in the Torah (the first 5 books of the Holy Bible) are the fundamentals given in order for mankind to live a righteous, respectful, peaceful and abundant life. These divine principles are perfected in the life of Christ Jesus (Yahshua Messiah) the Savior. Learning, loving and abiding by God’s perfect Laws, in addition to following the example set by Christ Jesus and the early church became our Congregation’s foundation. As we understand, the true teachings of the Bible can be discovered by a diligent and holistic effort to submit oneself to God’s Holy way as a child (Luke 18:17).

As we began several years ago to fulfill the law, which the Creator demands from the entire human species, we continued on a path to learn, and discover more from the Holy Bible. Since our inception, the Congregation of Israel, Knesset (gathering) of Jesus has used our available resources to learn and spread the good news of the Creator. Teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the divine lifestyle God has instructed, has since been the ultimate goal or our organization. The instruction we understand from the Torah, teaches us to base our foundation and faith in God’s law. We are founded on the principles of true Bible Study and we continue daily to search the scriptures to learn.

We also can be reached for questions at or via telephone locally in the Western New York area at 716-885-2289 and all other areas at 866-78-BIBLE (866-782-4253).

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Congregation of Israel the Knesset of Jesus
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