Congregation of Israel - Knesset of Jesus

Our Teachings



As we continue to learn the truth of God as taught in the Holy Bible, it becomes our duty to proclaim His teachings. Our mission is to live and teach the pure words of God without compromise in both integrity and sincerity. We understand and believe that many concepts about God have been totally misconstrued, misinterpreted and lied upon. Satan in his trickery has been successful in misleading masses of people on the earth into following concepts developed under the traditions of men. Satan has gone so far as disguising his doctrine as being the true teachings of the Almighty God.
The Basic tenets of our faith involve:
• That there is one God (Elohim or Godhead) in which (Y’shua)Jesus is the Spokesman.

• Mankind has access to eternal life through submission to the laws, statues and commandments Yah based upon sincerity and love through Jesus Christ. This includes a person repenting from his sins, being baptized and becoming obedient to the Yah’s commandments.

• We observe all Sabbath and High Sabbath days as written in the Law.

• We believe and teach all that is written in the Law (Torah) and the Prophets as well as the New Testament.

10 commandments

• We understand and believe that the King James version of the Holy Bible is both accurate and correct.

• We believe in the community of love as acted on by the early church in the book of Acts.

• We believe that the Kingdom of God will be set up on this Earth.

• We believe that those who please God will obtain salvation, and God is not a respecter or persons.

• We believe in water baptism.

• We believe in that everything we teach and live can be found in the Bible.

• We believe in sustaining our people through independence and diligent work.